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We are seeking a Night Operations Coordinator to become an integral part of our team! You will coordinate and oversee the organization's evening loading and unloading of trucks.

About FLEXX Productions:
Here at FLEXX the destination of each event is unique, we strive to understand every client's vision to create an unforgettable experience. Our culture focuses on quality of life, giving us passion and purpose on every event. Since 2003, we have overseen thousands of events-everything from intimate backyard gatherings to large corporate functions to elaborate weddings. Our core values are how we serve clients; treat one another and hire- honesty, partnership, passion & respect.

To assist Logistics Supervisor by properly forecasting equipment and product needs so Warehouse Supervisor is able to have a clear understanding of what is priority. To improve loading efficiencies and accuracy of loads on trucks for lead technicians. Strong skills in training and directing activities of subordinates. Properly maintaining the warehouse and FLEXX assets while also providing great customer service to clients with customer pickups and returns. From time to time, will help maintain inventory. Shipping and receiving functions, from light to heavy, are also performed. Janitorial responsibilities, both inside and outside the premises, are also involved. May help load and unload delivery vehicles during busy season. Act as a public relations representative for FLEXX Productions at all times.

Manage and improve operational practices Allocate resources and materials to meet project deadlines Track and forecast operational trends and analysis Provide daily operations oversight for outside teams Formalize policies and procedures in accordance to HR regulations.

Previous experience in operations or other related fields Strong project management skills Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills Strong leadership qualities Must be able to work noon-8 pm in summer and fall hours will go back to more of 9 am-5 pm during winter hours Hourly pay-range between $14.00-$17.00 per hour depending upon experience. Average of 10 or more hours of OT in summer.

  • PHILIP Gottula
    Owner | Co-founder

    "Life is about friendships, memories, and experiences. If you fulfill each of these, you will live a successful life."

    A proud Colorado native, PHIL established FLEXX Productions in 2003. Over the last 14 years, PHIL has used his charm to build his professional network and surround himself with the best team in town. As Owner and Co-Founder, PHIL enjoys constantly meeting new people and learning about new concepts that help keep FLEXX on the cutting edge of the industry. Out of everything he has accomplished thus far, PHIL is most proud of building a team that doesn't need him anymore - unless they're looking for lunch or coffee.

    When he's not supporting his team at FLEXX or getting to know their clients, PHIL can be found traveling the world, cuddling with his pooches or enjoying all that Colorado has to offer.

  • STACY Stolen
    Director of Development/Internal Accounting

    "People do not care how much you know, they want to know how much you care."

    As our Director of Development/Internal Accounting, STACY brings many skills to our team. Though she joined our team in 2019, STACY has been consulting the business since 2012! With an immense background in human resources, laws, organization, and streamlining, she is overjoyed to now be a part of the FLEXX family and looks forward to putting her expertise to use within the company. Working and engaging with people is her passion, and she can't wait to be more involved in the accounting processes, as well. Oh and fun fact - she got a full ride scholarship for her Master's Degree at CSU! Go Rams!

    STACY has a genuine love for people and taking care of them, starting with her amazing daughter Karissa and two wonderful pets: her dog Mojo and cat Eddie. When she's not crunching numbers or watching over the team here at FLEXX, you will most likely find STACY hanging with out with friends or her daughter, working in the yard, hiking, traveling, shopping, or watching ID Investigation.

  • KARA Schuch
    Senior Event Manager

    "Do small things with great love."

    Since joining the FLEXX team in 2013, KARA has found a way to always get the job done while putting a smile on everyone's face - her quirky jokes and unusual vocabulary always keep her colleagues and clients guessing at what she'll say next. Her enthusiasm for her work and unparalleled commitment to each and every event she manages makes her a successful leader and key part of the FLEXX crew.

    This T-Swift fan hails from Colorado and takes full advantage of all it has to offer, whether she's running in races or climbing mountains, she's a driven person both at and away from work. Having attended CSU for a degree in Biology with a concentration in Physiology and Anatomy, KARA understands the importance of the finest details and sees that every event she's involved with runs smoothly.

  • RICK Risheill
    Operations Manager

    "You take people as far as they will go, not as far as you would like them to go." - Jeanette Rankin

    RICK has been on the FLEXX team in 2012. Born and raised in Fort Collins, he brings a local's knowledge to help conquer logistical problems. He now lives in Cheyenne, WY, but the commute doesn't stop him from working on this team. He loves conquering the elements and tackling the challenges that come with the job, so he couldn't stay away! On top of that, he enjoys working with his colleagues, the culture here at FLEXX, our wonderful clients, and the physicality and obstacles that come with making an event vision become a reality. Another random skill he brings to the company: RICK can remember the location of any restroom in any facility he has ever stepped foot in. A good piece of knowledge to have when setting for events at all of the different project sites we visit!

    Outside of the shop, RICK enjoys shooting guns, tending to his WY property, and relaxing with his wife Shae and dogs Rocky, Dakotah, and Nova.

  • JENNA Farmer
    Lead Event Specialist/Marketing Associate

    "The things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow them."

    Since her junior year of college, JENNA knew she wanted to work in the event industry. Born and raised in Fort Collins, JENNA graduated from CSU with a major in Communication Studies and a minor in Sociology. She hopped on the FLEXX train back in 2015 and by using her prior event experience, she has been impressing us ever since. JENNA exudes a quiet confidence that should never be underestimated, and with her warm personality she'll make sure your event needs are taken care of. Our Lead Event Specialist/Marketing Associate's tremendous dedication to each inquiry and quality of work is always portrayed by her successful events and marketing pieces. These key traits have been an asset to our team and we feel so fortunate to have her.

    When she's not at work, you can find JENNA practicing her calligraphy, riding her bike around town, or out at one of the many Fort Collins events with friends and family.

  • ZOE Schowe
    Lead Event Specialist/Account Operator

    "I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream." - Vincent Van Gogh

    ZOE joined our FLEXX Family in 2016. As Lead Event Specialist/Account Operator, she enjoys the balance of the daily routine in the office with the ever changing climate events bring. Her bright smile and passion for organization ensures smooth communication between clients and the crew.

    Outside of work, ZOE can typically be found soaking up the 300 days of Colorado sunshine. Some of her favorite Colorado activities include hiking with friends, paddle boarding on the Horsetooth Reservoir, and enjoying a drink on the patio of one of the local breweries around town.

  • CHRISTINA Olivas
    Event Specialist

    "What is life without a little risk?" - Sirius Black

    Joining our team in 2019 is another Fort Collins native - CHRISTINA! With a knowledge about our community and some prior experience in events, we are thrilled to have her on our sales and event staff as an Event Specialist. CHRISTINA is excited to bring her love of building lasting relationships and teamwork with not only her coworkers, but with her clients as well. You can trust and count on her to execute your event!

    Outside of the office, you can find CHRISTINA brewery hopping after a morning hike on a beautiful Colorado day, watching a true crime docuseries on Netflix during a winter storm, or just sitting in the sun on her patio after a day of work with her pup Lena and her friends and family!

  • ZACH Young
    Logistics Supervisor

    "I'm an early bird and I'm a night owl. So I'm wise and I have worms."

    This rolling stone found his home at FLEXX Productions in 2015. As Logistics Supervisor, ZACH uses his leadership, efficiency skills, and awesome co-workers to make the "big jobs" successfully happen.

    Outside of the office, ZACH is known as the "puzzle wizard" for his love of fixing broken vehicles. He loves Colorado for the amazing season changes and culture.

  • AARON Hickey
    Lead Technician V

    "Science rules!" - Bill Nye

    Some people love logistics. Others love conquering a challenge. AARON is more than savvy at both and has used these skills to work his way up the ladder to a Level 5 Lead Technician. His favorite part of working at FLEXX? Dumping water barrels. The Lubbock, Texas native joined FLEXX Productions in 2015, and has helped lead our teams through too many flawless set-ups and tear-downs to even count at this point, aided largely by his positive attitude and old-school work ethic.

    When he's not dumping over water barrels, you're likely to find AARON eating amazing food (even though he's perfectly content eating 5 bowls of cereal for dinner), banging on the drums, or producing art. Dare we hope his preferred medium is water colors?

  • SEAN Hardiman
    Lead Technician V

    Bio coming soon.

  • BRAEDEN Mora
    Lead Technician IV

    Bio coming soon.

  • RODNEY Cronin
    Lead Technician III

    Bio coming soon.

  • TERRY Chapman
    Lead Technician II

    Bio coming soon.

  • RICHARD Williams
    Lead Technician II

    Bio coming soon.

  • BRETT Franklin
    Lead Technician I

    BRETT (yet another Fort Collins native!) hopped on the FLEXX bandwagon in 2019. Bringing along his military experience, BRETT loves to complete tasks and event installations with the best attitude and attention to detail possible. He also has one of the kindest and genuine personalities around! His favorite part of working here is the team of people that surround him.

    Where can you find BRETT outside of work? Either playing guitar, frolfing, snowboarding, or essentially any other activity that will get him out of his house!

  • DEAVEN Jones
    Lead Technician I

    Bio coming soon.

  • ANTHONY Smith
    Lead Technician I

    Bio coming soon.

  • SAGE Connelly
    Warehouse Supervisor

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday."- John Wayne

    Meet SAGE, our Warehouse Supervisor who joined our team back in 2018. He recently moved up to Cheyenne, WY, though SAGE is also from our home base of Fort Collins. His flexibility and problem-solving skills are attributes we are very grateful for back in our warehouse during event season. Ask SAGE what his favorite part about job is though and he'll say the people. This team is what brings him back day after day!

    Fishing, working on motorcycles and trucks, and spending time with his two dogs is where SAGE can be found outside of work.

  • ZACH Saltzman
    Canvas Liaison

    "If you don't do it this year, you will be one year older when you do." - Warren Miller

    Though originally from Lake George, Michigan, ZACH seamlessly transitioned to being a part of a team filled with Colorado natives. ZACH has proven himself as an exceptional Canvas Liaison largely because of his firm belief that things run more smoothly when they're clean and organized. He constantly looks forward to building even stronger relationships with the FLEXX team and clients.

    When he's not organizing and managing the FLEXX Warehouse, ZACH enjoys conquering Colorado mountains and spending time outside with his daughter, Vanessa; dog, Ski'Mo; and jeep, who is yet to be named.

  • GRANT Schmalstich
    Warehouse Technician

    "Think for yourself, question authority."

    GRANT (another Fort Collins native!) is one of the hardest working team members we have. He joined our FLEXX team in 2019, and we haven't seen him stop working for a moment since then! He enjoys his responsibilities and following instructions to complete central warehouse tasks with his co-workers.

    Outside of the warehouse, you can spot GRANT at a sporting or music event, catching a movie, or hanging with friends at one of the local bars.

  • JAMIE LEE Garcia
    Warehouse Liaison

    "Successful people aren't gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose."

    In October of 2017, JAMIE-LEE hopped on the FLEXX train and hasn't gotten off since - and we are so grateful for that! Though she is originally from Oklahoma City, OK, we are glad she ended up in Milliken/Johnstown here in CO so she was able to join our team. From working out in the field to working here in the warehouse, she can do it all. She also loves working with all members of the FLEXX fam and gets along with any personality. After all, growing up with a fraternal twin and two older siblings, she kind of had to grow up learning to do so!

    JAMIE-LEE pays major attention to detail, and she keeps the warehouse very neat and organized. Maintaining gear, handling will call orders, loading and unloading trucks, and putting gear back in its designated spot are just some of the daily tasks she juggles. On top of it all, she is a pro at our fulfillment system within our software. What would we do without her? We have no idea.

    Outside of work, you can find JAMIE-LEE spending time with her family, out at the golf course, or fishing.

  • MARIA Morales
    Soft Goods Supervisor

    "There's only one thing more precious than our time and that's who we spend it with." - Leo Christopher

    The FLEXX team welcomed MARIA in June 2014. As Soft Goods Supervisor, MARIA also goes by "Warehouse Mom" where she has a not-so-easy-task of maintaining our ever growing inventory. MARIA's spunky personality, dedication to the FLEXX team and great work ethic makes her a vital part of the success of the company.

    When she's not directing the FLEXXSoft Goods Department, MARIA can be found spending time with her four children - Tony, Jovanny, Brandon and Christian. No matter what she's doing, her number one goal is to have fun and keep a smile on her face.

  • JODY Roberts
    Soft Goods Lead

    Bio coming soon.

  • TERESA Rodriguez
    Soft Goods Technician

    Bio coming soon.